1 to 1 Performance Coaching  - PER002

1 to 1 Performance Coaching - PER002

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1 to 1 coaching from one of our experienced certified coaches with experience in both  business and coaching will improve the performance of your staff immensely. It will build their confidence, improve motivation, address and develop specific areas and empower them to perform at their best. 

Our 1 to 1 coaching programs are often more effective than a training programme, and many times an ideal complement to a training programme. 1 to 1 coaching complements training as it happens regularly and helps to break down learning and work out teh application of that learning in a person's personal work environment.

1 to 1 coaching is tailored to the specific needs of a person, filling in gaps and developing them in the exact areas they need support. You can decide what the agenda of the coaching will be, and your coach will work with your staff on these items. 

Often areas for development are identified in an appraisal, or even without an appraisal. Often staff will find it empowering to work with a coach that is not part of your organisation, as they can feel empowered to be truly authentic. 


Just some of the dozens of typical areas covered in performance coaching:  


Identification of obstacles holding back peak performance

✅ Creation of strategies to overcome 'blocks'

✅ Help with confidence 

✅ Improving self organisation and planning

✅ Help with transitioning roles and developing new skills

✅ Customer support and sales skills development

✅ Leadership development - building self awareness of skills needed to develop,  learning how to communicate better, effective delegation, establishing your role as a first time team leader, learning to develop those who work for you, developing your influencing skills. 

✅ Finding your creative 'flow'

✅ Developing abilities to collaborate and work with different types of team 

✅ Developing vision for your role and career progression


How it all works

Frequency of Coaching

Depending on the staff needs a person will typically be coached every 2 weeks or perhaps every week for a concentrated time. 

Length of 1 to 1 Coaching Programme

This will depend on needs but typically a 6 month or 12 month coaching programme works extremely well. (12-24 sessions) During this time you can see improvements and the coach can provide ways of measuring improvements in performance which you can receive as feedback. Any number of sessions is beneficial, from 4 sessions upwards. 

Purchasing Sessions

You can purchase as many sessions as you want here. If you would prefer to send us a purchase order and be billed either all at once or monthly simply email or call us and this can be set up as you require. 

How Sessions are Conducted

Sessions are mostly conducted on zoom, so providing a private space with an appropriate computer will be necessary. We recommend that a meeting room, or being coached in their home office works best, not at a desk in an open plan area.