Couples Coaching Program - CCTS001

Couples Coaching Program - CCTS001

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DATES: Arranged at your convenience subject to availability

DURATION: 4/5 hours per month including coaching sessions and 'homework' for 6 months

COST: £3900 / $4680 USD (based on exchange rate of 1.2)  


OR 6 monthly payments of *£450 / $540 USD


A 6 month program conducted via zoom with a combination of joint sessions where you are coached together and individual sessions where you are coached separately by Master Coach and Founder of Destiny Coaching, Tina Southgate. 


*If paying monthly after your first payment made here, your second payment will be deducted one month later, and 3rd one month after that etc. You will be sent emails warning you of a payment to be taken, and giving you the option to cancel. 

If more sessions or a variance of sessions is needed this can be accommodated at any time during the program.


Find answers to many questions including.....


What are we meant to do as a couple to impact God’s kingdom?

How do our callings come together?

What is our joint purpose?

How can we know what to do together and what to do apart?

What is our vision for our joint calling as a couple?

How can we work together well?

How do we activate our vision and get on with it?



If only we had done this program earlier in our life and marriage

This program has been a thoroughly worthwhile investment in our marriage and our life!

It has set up for our later years in an incredible way so that we know what we are headed for, how to maximise our time and how to be in the centre of God's purpose for our lives.

Every married couple will benefit from the program, whether just married or having been married your whole lives. You will learn so much about each other, God's purpose for you both and how to prepare and launch into it all! Tina Southgate, Couples programme coach

Some key deliverables.....

       A Couples Life Purpose Statement. A resonant detailed statement of what your joint purpose is as a couple.

       Clarity of couples purpose overall and individual roles in this purpose. Looking at what each of you brings that is unique and what the overall impact of this is when you are together as a couple

       A joint vision. This details how to live out your couples purpose

       Mindset Renewal. Discovery of limiting beliefs or any other obstacles that have or would hold you back from achieving the vision

       Couple Readiness Assessment. An assessment of which areas you are ready to progress in and which you are not

       Clarification of your individual grace and authority. Looking at areas to help you both function more confidently and effectively within the vision

       Activation. A plan of action, to move forward with clarity on what is for the short term and what is for the longer term

       Deeper connection with each other and God. Throughout all of the above facilitated connection with each other and with God


Some Expected Outcomes.....


✔️  Clarity and confidence in vision and purpose  

✔️Clarity and confidence in your roles and your anointing as a couple and individually

✔️Reversal of mindsets that maybe limiting clarity or progress

✔️Creation of a clear plan on how to move forward to reach your fullest potential with God as a couple.


How it Works.....

You can enrol on this program right now, right here!

Simply select your payment method above and purchase.

Tina will email you to set up a quick 'get to know you' session prior to the coaching program. During this time she will let you know in more detail about the program, answer any questions and set up session times for the 2 months. (So bring your calendar!)

If you are considering this program and would like to have a chat about it and whether or not it is suitable for you both at this time, click here to set up a call with Tina. Alternatively call us on 020 3900 2521 (UK) or +1 (415) 944-4504 (USA)