Level 1 Certification Program - CCTCL1

Level 1 Certification Program - CCTCL1

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A chance to get certified, turning your training into a Certification to give both yourself and those you coach confidence. 


COST: £357 / approx $467 USD

DURATION: 2 x 60 minute appointments with mentor

AVAILABILITY: Available now

PREREQUISITE: Completion of a minimum of Phase 1 / Level 1 / Weekend 1 Training 


Who is this for?

This certification is for students who have completed a minimum of Level 1 / Phase 1 of the Co-Creative Transformational Coaching Model. 

If you are a student who took our training prior to March 2021, when it was called The Coach Training Leadership Development program, you also qualify for this.  

The purpose of doing this

➡️ To gain confidence in the standard of coaching you are delivering

➡️ To gain valuable feedback on your coaching to help you understand your strengths and areas for development

➡️ To complete your studies with a formal certification that assures you, you have met a standard

➡️ To focus in on honing and perfecting essential coaching skills and competencies to make you more professional

➡️ To give yourself a stamp of approval by a coaching organisation which opens up possibilities of coaching for income


What's included

Competencies outline for reaching Level 1 Certification

2 x 60 minute one to one live mentoring calls with a member of faculty from the Destiny Coach Training School

Subject to successfully demonstrating required competencies,  Level 1 Certified Co-Creative Transformational status. (Certificate is awarded on successful completion of program)


How it works

Step 1 - Sign up and pay on on this page

Step 2 - We will contact you with full details on what to do next. Which will include you setting up two appointments with volunteers or clients to record two 30 minute coaching sessions. And two appointments with your mentor.