Mentoring Session  - MEN01TS
Mentoring Session  - MEN01TS
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Mentoring Session - MEN01TS

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Mentoring on your coaching  - an essential step for continued professional development

**Applicable for anyone trained in our coaching model and those taking the Licensed Destiny Coach and Accredited Kingdom Coach pathways**

PRE-REQUISITE: Coach Training Leadership Development Programme – Online or Residential

DATE: Organised after purchase

FORMAT: After purchase, you will need to email in a 30 minute recording of one of your coaching sessions with your client to On receipt of this recording, a one to one, 45 minute feedback and mentoring session will be organised with you online or via telephone. 

Note: We are in the process of raising up mentors from our community of expert trained and experienced coaches who are also training our coaching model. During this season of the early stages of building our team, currently all mentoring sessions are being carried out by our founder, Tina Southgate. You may have trainee mentors attend your session.  

COST: £180 / $234 inc VAT or £150 / $195 excl VAT

**If you are VAT exempt click here for details on how to purchase 

Please also note that mentoring is a tax deductible expense against your business if you are running a business. 


Mentoring will move you forward to be the best coach you can be

Go to the next level of excellence in your coaching 

Learn best practice

Understand your areas of strength 

Undertand areas to develop to be the best coach you can be

Gain ideas, hints and tips to make your sessions more effective 

Gain invaluable feedback as to the standard you are meeting 

Learn how to use our unique transformational coaching model excellently


Gaining feedback on your coaching skills is an essential part of growing as a coach as is having an experienced mentor walk you through how to apply the coaching model to your client circumstances and needs.  

We recommend you have 3 mentoring sessions during your first 50-100 hours of professional coaching to ensure you develop and hone your skill set well as you start to use it. Just like a brand new car needs tuning up and checking out when it starts to be driven, we all need the same when starting out with new skills.

Before your mentoring session the coaching session you send in will be listened to and notes made as to strengths you display, and areas for development, along with suggestions and hints of where to take your coaching next. 

During the mentoring session you will get feedback on your session,  have the opportunity to ask any questions you wish about your coaching or setting up your business and you will be given hints and tips about ways you can develop.