St Albans Destiny Activator Workshop, DAWA21DEB
St Albans Destiny Activator Workshop, DAWA21DEB
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St Albans Destiny Activator Workshop, DAWA21DEB

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STANDARD TICKET: £120 or what you can afford


Pre-course preparation and an information sheet will be sent to you once you have registered.

Are you ready to go to the next level?

Experience the power of Kingdom Coaching!

This programme is an ideal taster of the life transforming power of coaching when you include God in the process

Destiny Activator is a unique biblically based coaching programme bringing extraordinary breakthrough and clarity of identity and purpose. It provides tools to help answer questions such as:

What is your unique life purpose?
How do you live with and sustain passion and motivation?
How do you hear from and co-create with God?
How do you turn ideas into reality?
When do you move forward?
What preparation has God taken you through already?


Debbie Goddard has a passionate conviction that every person has a God-given value, identity & purpose & wants people to walk more fully in this. She brings breakthrough to a wide diversity of people by creating an environment in which they feel safe and can receive powerful revelation as they listen to and encounter God. Her background includes working as a counselor, 20 years as a prison chaplain & overseas mission work.


The programme will grow you as a leader, giving you tools to clarify your own personal life vision and equipping you in turn to help others. Topics include: stewarding your unique strengths and giftings, understanding seasons / timing, unpacking prophetic words, listening to God about your purpose, understanding 'readiness' and developing personal strategies to overcome obstacles that have held you back from going to the next level. 


Take time out from your busy schedule to re-connect with your heart and vision and discover unique Biblically based life coaching tools that will bring breakthrough.

Outcomes to expect from course: 

  • clarity and expansion of life vision
  • identification and practical strategy to overcome fear and other obstacles, improving confidence and focus
  • learning to hear from and co-create with God
  • understanding how to apply prophetic words
  • understanding of your motivational keys to success and
  • create an effective, life plan to move forward

In this  personal development programme, we will draw together both the practical and spiritual giving you fresh perspective of how to activate your next level of destiny.

You will receive encouraging prophetic words from the Destiny Coaching team during the 6 weeks. 

With powerful leadership coaching tools, we will address questions that you can use for your own development and for those you lead.

“I walked away from the programme with an action plan that I can actually use.  I’ve achieved more in 3 weeks than I had in the 3 years since” Lisa Van De Berg

See Lisa’ video testimony


Destiny Activator (previously called What Do I Do Next?) was created by Tina Southgate, an experienced leadership coach, coach trainer, mentor, speaker and writer.

Having attended 3 years at a leadership ministry school, in Redding, California, Tina travels between England and North America delivering coaching programs which equip Christian leaders with skills to fully empower and  release those they lead into their unique life purposes.

Destiny Activator has been delivered to thousands of believers since 2012 with hundreds of testimonies of breakthrough.

“It gave me tools to make my destiny attainable” Rosy Ashley, Church Leader

See Rosy’s Video

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